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Our President/CEO - Sharonlyn Harrison, Ph.D.:                                          
Sharonlyn Harrison, Ph.D., has a doctoral degree in education evaluation and research and has served as a special education teacher and Associate Director of Research, Evaluation, and Information Dissemination for the Developmental Disabilities Institute (now known as the Center for Excellence in Disabilities), Wayne State University (10 years). She has 20 years experience in evaluation of federal, state, local, and foundation funded projects. At Wayne State, she was funded to be part of the Michigan Center for Urban African American Aging Research where she conducted a study examining the cultural implications of caregiver reciprocity. Also during her employment at Wayne State, Dr. Harrison developed comprehensive evaluation programs for a variety of organizations and initiatives (Minority Health Initiative and the Early On Collaborative).

 She was also the Director of Hub 1 for the State Improvement Grant where she was responsible for knowledge acquisition (review and acquisition of the literature on best and promising practices) and management. While as Wayne State, she also developed a critical project, entitled, Building Cultural Competence in Michigan, Addressing the Unique Needs of Minorities with Disabilities.  This project, which was funded by the Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council, provided training and technical assistance to four human service organizations in Michigan. Through her leadership, each site received extensive technical assistance for designing, implementing and evaluating efforts to improve culturally competent service delivery. A product of the project was a manual, authored by Dr. Harrison and entitled, Promising Approaches for Building Cultural Competence in Human Service and Advocacy Organizations. Part of Dr. Harrison’s information dissemination responsibilities at Wayne State included the development of the Developmental Disabilities Institute’s, first annual report. The report focused on empowering people with disabilities to initiate change and included findings from a university wide forum regarding cultural competence.

In 2001, Dr. Harrison opened Public Research and Evaluation Services. Current and prior clients include (with topics in parenthesis): Spaulding for Children (disproportionality in adoption leadership for children in the child welfare system), the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (summer youth employment focusing on disadvantaged youth), St. John’s Health Systems (neighborhood safety as a health determinant), Children’s Outreach (Detroit) (support to mothers at risk for child maltreatment), Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development (National Center for Cultural Competence), Henry Ford Health Systems (nutrition education to urban middle school students) Michigan Department of Community Health (National HIV Surveillance project) Wayne County Department of Health and Human Services (Fatherhood Initiative for minority fathers) and Arizona’s Children Association (training to healthcare workers regarding the adoption option). These projects are evidence of Dr. Harrison’s extensive experience in conducting stakeholder-driven evaluation projects and engaging diverse communities in the process. Through her leadership, her firm positions its clients to engage all parties including policy-makers, administrators, staff, and service beneficiaries of diverse ages, races, ethnicities, and socio-economic groups. Through her work with the National Center for Cultural Competence at Georgetown University, Dr. Harrison has received special recognition for her research in minority communities. In earning this honor, she and her team at PRES completed a national legislative/environmental scan for a Robert Wood Johnson funded project. This project examined the extent to which states have introduced or enacted legislation mandating the integration of cultural and/or linguistic competence into curricula, continuing education, and licensure requirements for health and mental health care professionals.  Dr. Harrison is currently adjunct faculty at Wayne State University School of Social Work where she teaches research and diversity courses and where she recently received the 2014/2014 Excellence in Teaching Award.

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